Welcome to Boomerang

Boomerang is a multi sensory play centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.

We have 3 custom designed play rooms, a large 5 star graded cafe plus accessible toilets & changing room facilities. All play rooms have soft padded walls and floors with hoists to allow children with mobility problems to access each area.

The Playrooms

Soft Play Room

This room has a large safe play area containing slides, specialist infinity hut, interactive equipment, projected lighting, tunnels, trampolines and specialist equipment, the floor and walls are padded for comfort and safety.  This room will be used by children with various disabilities and has hoists to allow wheelchair access to the area. This room will develop skills including cause and effect, colour and number recognition and also to develop fine/gross motor skill ideal for children with weak muscle tone.

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Sensory Room

The sensory room is an area to relax in a calming non threatening environment. It has a relaxing sensory bed, infinity panel, bubble tube, fibre optic curtain, ball pool and projector lighting, all this equipment is used for various therapy sessions and sensory integration. The room has a padded floor and walls. Hoists allow full access to the room for wheelchair users. This room will be used for those with visual and hearing impairment, complex health needs, severe learning difficulties and children with challenging behaviour to calm them and help them relax.

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Interactive Play Room

The equipment in the interactive suite allows the room to be multi-functional, and be used for various activities from a calm environment to a more interactive environment which will encourage the use of the main senses as well as fine gross motor skills and allows the room to become an interesting learning environment. Projectors allow children to interact with various programmes, games, musical instruments using their hands, feet, and any part of their body which is a fantastic learning tool for children with limited movement, hearing impairment, vision loss, and children with learning disabilities. This room has a hoist to allow children full access to the equipment.

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