Sensory Room

The sensory room at Boomerang is an area to relax, it’s a calming and non-threatening environment with many features. It contains a sensory bed, large bubble tube, colour-changing ball pool, infinity panel, fibre optic curtain and projector lighting.

Sensory room


The projector lighting changes when noises are detected meaning that children of all abilities can interact with them.

This room is ideal for children who don’t enjoy being in the sometimes noisier soft play areas.

Fibre optic tubes come out of the floor as well as being fitted into a curtain.

The gallery below shows more images of the Sensory room:

2 replies on “Sensory Room”

Hiaa my little girl is 9 weeks old and I wanted to bring her and use the sensory room. Is she too young or will she be ok??

Hi Jess, Thank you for your email the sensory room is suitable for children from birth upwards, feel free to come along and have a look around the centre if you wish.
We look forward to meeting you both.

Kind Regards

The Boomerang Team