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Rooms and facilities


Boomerang has been specifically designed to cater for children with special needs. We have three rooms available all offering a different sensory environment that gives everyone a multi- sensory experience.

Our large multi- sensory room offers a fully flexible play opportunity in an environment that allows children to engage in stimulating and physical play. There is a large play frame, two slides, large ball pool, interactive games, mirrored infinity huts, music wall with padded walls and floors throughout, allowing children to move around in a safe environment. A H hoist is available to use in this room giving the opportunity for children who are in wheelchairs to be out of their chairs and experiencing their environment.

Our sensory room offers a range of exciting sensory opportunities in a more intimate environment. The room has a vibrating bed, colour changing ball pool, fibre optic lighting, a bubble wall panel, sensory smell panel, wind panel, vibrating wall and colour changing interactive projector lighting. A H hoist is available, allowing full access to the whole room.

Our interactive room offers an immersive play experience via our floor projection system.  This enables the floor beneath you to come to life. Moving graphics and fun games appear on the ground and react to hand movements, feet movements, and gestures. Suitable for all children. A mobile hoist is available in this room.

We have a fully accessible changing space, disabled toilet, height adjustable changing bed and H hoist.

Our café has a menu that caters for all needs.

SEN sessions

We always welcome children with special needs to come along and visit us at any time and we aim to ensure you have a great experience. However, we also understand that it’s sometimes a more enjoyable, relaxing experience to visit either exclusively or coming along to one of our Sen sessions.

Every Sunday morning 9-11am we have our weekend SEN session. Siblings, family, and friends are all welcome to attend this session.

During the school holidays we also have specific SEN sessions, these sessions are pre-bookable. (Please call the Centre to check dates and times or visit our Facebook page)

Exclusive room hire is also available for our visitors with SEN. (Please call the Centre to arrange/book)

Our SEN sessions are limited to a small number of children, offering a calm, quiet experience for all.

All Boomerang key staff either have children with special needs themselves or family members. They have extensive understanding, training and knowledge regarding difficulties that families face daily.

We totally understand your situation and are always here if you have any queries about your visit or just a general chat!

We have hundreds of children and adults who visit Boomerang from all over the Northwest, who have a wide variety of physical and learning disabilities.

Adults with Special Needs

All our rooms are available for exclusive hire for adults with special needs.

For further information or to book please don’t hesitate to call us on: 0161 764 4842.

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